About the event

Draw me a discovery is a one-night Café Scientifique that will open its doors on June 19, and present audiences with an array of art and science collaborations at the Bleeding Heart on Ann St, Brisbane City.

The Café Scientifique event provides a place where anyone can come by and explore exquisite combinations of art and science.

The night will center around presentations from experts in science and art collaborations.

Draw me a discovery will also showcase the junction of the artist practice and scientific work.

Tickets are $10.00 and are available from EventBrite. Cost covers a glass of wine or soft drink, as well as a night of art and science collaboration. Register at the Facebook event page here for updates and previews.

Contact UQ Science Communicators Students or email drawmeadiscovery@gmail.com for more information.

Speakers include:

Amelia Barikin

Gary Cranitch

Svenja Kratz

Exhibitors include:

Renata Buziak

Margaret Wegener and A. K. Milroy

Gary Cranitch

Svenja Kratz

Donna Davies

Buy your ticket here: 


Art by EP was created by It must  be Wednesday

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