Svenja Kratz – Artist


With a PhD in Contemporary Art and Biotechnology, Svenja is a true scientific artist. She has worked in cell and tissue culture at QUT’s Institute of Health and Biomedical Innovation, with whom she has developed several projects that blur, or even eliminate, the line between science and art.

In addition to being aesthetically engaging, Svenja’s works demonstrate biotechnological knowledge and practices while also exploring questions of life, death, immortality, ethics, body taboos, and the human drive for understanding and control. Much of her work incorporates biological material, often living, and occasionally even contributes to scientific discovery during the process of its creation.

Her latest project, Intersections: The Real and the Imaginary, will be exhibited at Spiro Grace Art Rooms 22nd May – 7 June. Svenja will use her own work to demonstrate transdisciplinary intersections of art and science.