Luke Hammond – Artist


Luke Hammond – Neuroscience Microscopy Facility Manager at Queensland Brain Institute and Independent Artist/ Designer

Between his research in biomedical imaging and neuroscience and his works of art incorporating natural forms, Luke is the epitome of the artistic scientist. At the Queensland Brain Institute he employs state-of- the-art technology to develop innovative new imaging techniques.

He uses his techniques to contribute to research on the brain function, including sleep, consciousness and neuron activity. It also assists in the study of diseases such as cancer, Alzheimer’s and Schizophrenia.

In 2011 Luke won first and second place in QBI’s Art in Neuroscience Competition, and he has also won an Australian RAW Designer Award for his personal artwork.

His jewellery and sculpture translate nature and science into objects of wearable art; his latest collection is directly inspired by his experience in neuroscience. Luke will share his images and techniques to demonstrate the use of art in contributing to, as well as communicating about, scientific discoveries.